Petrovsky Deluxe Banquet
Hot Appetizers
Home-Fried Potato with Chanterelle

Foie Gras "Champs Elysee"

(Goose Liver in Boysenberry Brandy)

Duck Breast "a la Provance"
(Duck Breast with Branded Housing Sauce)
Main courses
Shrimps Mussels Scallops
(Served with Red Rice)

Choice of Surf and Turf and Filet Mignon
(Served with potatoes and vegetables)

Rack of Lamb French Cut
(Oven baked Rack of Lamb in mustard sauce)
Vodka - Gray Goose
Bottle of Red and White Wine
(Per ten people)
Soda Unlimited
Viennese Dessert Table
Tea, Coffee

Peter The Great - Print menu
Salads and Cold Appetizers
Assorted Smoked Fish
(Lox, smoked Sea bass, cold smoked turbot, red caviar)

Assorted Meat
(Sliced cold cuts, basturma, proscuitto)

Grilled Tuna Salad
(Sliced tuna steak, masculine, sesame-tartar sauce)

Avocado Salad
(Stuffed avocado, lox, red caviar)

Duck Salad
(Duck meat, greens, mandarins, in special sweet sauce)

Japanese style "Kani" Salad
(Crab Meat Salad)

Jumbo Shrimps in Pineapple

Seaweed with Smoked Mussels

Assorted Pickles

Fresh Mozzarella

Filet Mignon Salad

Black Caviar